ATEK Family has been immigrated from Bulgaria in 1950 to Istanbul and Atek Makina was founded by grandfather “Mustafa Keser” in 1954. At the very beginning was producing motorized briquette machines and some other products for automotive sub-industry. After the death of Mustafa Keser in 1964, grandmother Hatice Keser and their sons “Altan, Turhan and Ertan” continued to work in the company after getting necessary training and educations.

Today, Atek Makina San.Tic. A.Ş., manufactures the latest system machinery and equipments in its modern 3 plants located in Hadimkoy – Istanbul with its own autonomous R&D department and with the quality certicates; ISO 9001, CE, ISO 16949, TSE, TSEK, TÜV and GOST, selling to the distributors world wide. ATEK Makina has a showroom of 4.000 m2 in KIRAÇ – ISTANBUL, selling of ATEK own and distributed products also through its own mobile service cars all around the country.

In 2001, the product range was opened in Plovdiv City of Bulgaria, with a showroom and the network of mobiles sales services. Also in year 2012, Atek has continued its investments on the tourism sector with the City Hotel Plovdiv, which serves with the Turkish customs. Today, Atek is selling directly and indirectly to 86 countries and to 121 locations world wide.

ATEK LIFT, founded in 2009 after the long-term market research of Atek Group, is manufacturer of lifting and stowing equipment, offering a combination of the best and the latest technology, performance, safety and durability with the vast experience in hydraulics and with R&D engineers and designers trained in-house. ATEK LİFT, which is the market leader in the rst 5 years after its establishment, has become a popular brand in the world market with its exports from Singapore to Romania, from Tunisia to Azerbaijan in 15 countries. With its wide product range from 500 Kg lightweight lifts to 3000 Kg heavy-duty lifts, ATEK LIFT closely follows the changing needs and expectations in the market of Turkey and world.