EJC B12/B14/B16/B20


Kaldırma yüksekliği2400 mm'den 5350 mm'ye kadar
Taşıma kapasitesi / yük1,20 ton'dan 2,00 ton'a kadar
Wide track, electric pedestrian controlled truck (1.200 / 1.400 / 1.600 / 2.000 kg)


  • Electronically controlled lift motor for sensitive lifting and lowering
  • Crawl speed button for full manoeuvrability with tiller upright
  • Lifting enclosed pallets or cross pallets

Ürün Açıklaması

Intelligent control and drive technology
Our 3-phase AC technology motors offer you more power and performance while, at the same time, reducing operating costs. Make the most of these advantages:

  • High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.
  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Rapid direction change.
  • SpeedControl – roll-back protection on gradients.
  • No carbon brushes – maintenance-free drive motor.
Flexible and safe operation
The EJC B12/B14/B16/B20 with an ISO fork carriage can be adapted in various ways, making it suitable for many applications/loads: From forged forks with different dimensions to the mounting of attachments with hydraulic functions (optional) for example.
Other advantages:

  • Support arms can be adjusted to three overall truck widths to ensure high driving stability: 1100 mm, 1270 mm and 1470 mm
  • The operator remains safely within the truck contours during travel in drive direction.
Comfortable and safe operation
All lifting and lowering operations are easily controlled by the multi-functional tiller head. This allows the operator to concentrate fully on stacking and retrieving. Other safety features that make stacking and retrieving safe and efficient include:

  • Precise, sensitive load handling through electronically controlled hydraulic motor.
  • Gentle load depositing with proportional hydraulics.
  • Automatic reduction of travel speed starting at a lift height of about 1.8 m.
  • Effortless steering is ensured by the long safety tiller which also maintains a safe distance between the operator and truck.
  • Rounded, enclosed truck geometry.
  • Four-wheel concept for maximum stability.
  • Electric tiller steering for fatigue-free steering in all applications (optional for EJC B14/B16/B20).

Designed to ensure easy servicing

  • Drive motor panel is easy to open with only two screws.
  • Service access ports on the front apron.
  • Simple and quick changing of load rollers with patented tandem load wheel rocker.
  • Load rollers protected from above and frontal impact.

Plenty of convenient storage areas

  • Pencil and clip pad.
  • Document holder on front cover.
Optimum battery management
The frame is designed to hold large batteries for long operating times:

  • Battery compartment M: 3 PzS 225/300 Ah (EJC B12).
  • Battery compartment L: 3 PzS 270/375 Ah (EJC B14/B16/B20).
  • Built-in charger for easy charging at any standard 13 Amp mains socket (optional).
  • Quick-charging function for charging within one shift (optional for EJC B12).
  • Battery exchange is from above.

Optional equipment

  • Cold store version.
  • Load guard available in different heights.
  • Special gentle lowering